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A: No, we will not be able to post on your behalf, follow new people, update your profile, see your password or direct messages. You will be asked to enter Twitter credentials to connect this app to Twitter as the App will need to pull Tweets from connected Twitter account
A: Yes, you will be give an initial password but this can be changed. A reset email will only be sent to the account owner email address.
A: Yes, you can send your request to our team who will action the change for you.
A: You can visit the Twitter website and sign up for free. www.twitter.
A: A widget is a customisable application of your search terms or timeline display, design/animation and moderation choice. Multiple widgets provide the flexibility of displaying different search terms or timelines in differing locations.
A: You can add up to 10 search terms to each widget.
A: You can add more if required. See our licensing bands or contact us to discuss any bespoke configuration you may require
A: Yes, the premium version of onemedia Social App allows for up to 5 Twitter account connections. You can connect more if required. See our licensing bands or contact us to discuss any bespoke configuration you may require.
A: No, you can search using words, phrases, @usernames and #hashtags. The search feature will only search for your exact entry, so consider this when adding search terms.
A: There aren’t any Tweets for your search terms, we'll keep on monitoring Twitter and display new Tweets as they are made available. If manual moderation is turned on (as default), please ensure that you have selected at least one Tweet to display, in the moderation page. You can have up to 10 words, hashtags or phrases per widget to broaden your search results. The Twitter search index has a 7-day limit, so we cannot retrieve Tweets older than one week.
A: Please login to your account, and navigate to view widgets and activate the playlisted widget. Alternatively remove this widget from the playlist if no longer required.
A: Your App licence allows you to create more widgets than you can activate at any one time, to allow you to plan ahead. It may be that your licence band allows two active widgets and you are already using your allowance. Please deactivate another widget and try again
A: The powered by onemedia logo is only included in the trial version of the App. It is not included in the full version of the App. To upgrade your trial version of the App, contact us.
A: Yes, the App is responsively designed to automatically resize to fit regardless of screen size, orientation or aspect ratio. It is also perfect for cross channel use and can be added to a webpage, video wall or other digital signage
A: Yes. You can have a custom blacklist to block words such as competitor names or product names. Any profanity can also be blocked by using the onemedia blacklist alongside your own manual list
A: Yes, you can select the manual moderation feature to approve every Tweet before it will display. Manual moderation is set as default upon initial widget creation
A: Yes, you can add the key word to your blacklist and it will be removed upon the next App page refresh – Usually between 15-30 minutes depending on your App licence band
A: Yes, our Apps are licenced based on the number of individual instances that will display the App. It can cater to a single screen in a small business to a large corporate network and/or website
A: It is likely that the resolution of the source image on is low. We can only display what is available on Twitter and cannot improve the quality of the original image. You can choose remove the post in the moderation settings if you’d prefer
A: Please ensure you have turned on the text and image selection in the widget creation page. We recommend using manual moderation when you activate this feature
A: This is because the Tweet contains an emoji that we do not hold on file at this stage. We are constantly updating the library of emoji’s as they made available